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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Whether we use the word meditate or prayer, the purpose and value are the same. To mediate is defined as thinking deeply or focusing one's mind for a period of time in silence of with the aid of chanting. Many people asssociate the word meditate with Yoga, Buddhism, and other Eastern practices. Many people use yoga positions while they meditate but that is not necessary. If it helps one to become quiet and centered, then that is how it should be used.

In the Old Testamenthāgâ (Hebrew: הגה) means to sigh or murmur, and also, to meditate.[4] When the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek, hāgâ became the Greek melete. The Latin Bible then translated hāgâ/melete into meditatio.[5] The use of the term meditatio as part of a formal, stepwise process of meditation goes back to the 12th-century monk Guigo II.[6] Scholars have noted that "the term 'meditation' as it has entered contemporary usage" is parallel to the term "contemplation" in Christianity,[13] but in many cases, practices similar to modern forms of meditation were simply called "prayer".(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditation)

Those of the Catholic faith often use Rosary beads which could be considered like a chant in that it is a physical method of keeping count of the number of Hail Marys are said and the mysteries are contemplated. One's fingers move along the beads as the prayers are recited.

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To pray is defined as a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity. All prayer must be offered in faith (James 1:6), in the name of the Lord Jesus ( John 16:23), and in the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26). https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=definition+of+prayer+in+the+bible&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjIwKCJ8rzaAhVjuVkKHUrcB68Q1QIoAHoFCAAQ1wE&biw=1503&bih=825

When praying people sometimes kneel, others stand with eyes either lifted up or closed, hands might be folded in one's lap, or many people like to hold hands with others. There is no right or wrong way.

When I meditate I am thinking deeply and focusing my mind and I have a specific request or expression of thanks. It might be for a short time or a rather lengthy period of time. 

When I say "God bless you" to someone it is because I am sending a prayer of love...whether it is because they sneezed or it is a salutation. Everytime I say, "I will pray for you," I am at that moment saying a prayer. My list of people I pray for is very long, but I know that God knows who I am lifting up in prayer even if I do not say their names. 

There are numerous benefits to meditating and/or praying. The deeper we go into meditation or prayer, the more benefits there are. Here are some:

     Physically: lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow, lowers heart rate, decreases
                       perspiration, slows respiratory rate, lowers cortisol levels.

     Emotionally/Mentally: relaxes, clears or declutters the mind, increases feeling of well-
                       being, decreases stress

     Spiritually: connects you with your God or Higher Power, renews your sense of purpose,
                       increases love for others, guides you to answers, helps others.

I recently gave a presentation to a group of breast cancer survivors. They start off every meeting with the following prayer:

    Dear God, thank you for this second, this minute, this hour, this day, this month,
    this year. Thank you for this place, this gathering, these women, these friends,
    these sisters, these hands. Keep us safe, keep us strong, keep us together as a 
    force for good, for healing, forever. Amen.

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The important message here is that we take the time at least daily to pray or meditate for others, our community, our world, and ourselves. 


  1. I also have found benefits in praying every day. It is like giving your thoughts, troubles, concerns to God who can do something about your requests when you are powerless to change circumstances. It is like having a best friend to share with. I love the prayer from the breast cancer survivors. Lovely!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am glad that this blog touched you in a special way.