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Friday, April 27, 2018



MYTHS: where do they come from? Are any of them true?
     They are often a collection of stories, exaggerated accounts from history, or storytelling in such a way as to make the story more memorable or interesting.
     We often think about Greek or Roman mythology where the main characters are gods, demigods, or supernatural humans. Zeus, Apollo, Ahtena and Venus, Mars, and Diana are some of the many gods.
 We have present day myths involving superheroes: Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonderwoman, and such. We need these heroes to bring a sense of power and safety into our lives. We want to believe in them.

Let's turn to a different area, MEDICAL MYTHS which are the most concerning from my point of view. People can make unwise and unsafe choices based on myths. Here are a few examples, some  you might laugh at or actually say, "I thought that was true." I want you to place attention to myths 5, 6, and 7 because it is very important that you know these facts.

  • Food picked up within 5 seconds is safe to eat
This is a misconception. Germs can stick to food immediately on contact, though not all germs are harmful.

  • A woman's breast implants may explode in an airplane due to low pressure.
The implants might expand a little, but the decompression is not enough to cause them to burst.

  • An adult brain does not grow
Most of the human's brain development occurs during childhood, but it isn't the end of it. Neurons continue to grow and change well into the adult years.

  • Flip-flops are bad for your feet
UAMS orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ruth Thomas says that flip-flops are fine for those people with normal feet. Those with deformities, poor balance, or numb feet then flip-flops do not provide adequate support, stability, and protection.

  • PAP tests detect all gynecologic cancers
The PAP test or smar only detects cervical cancers

  • Taking birth control pills increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer.
There is a 50% decrease for those women who take birth control pills for a minimum of five years, which do not have be consecutive.

  • Ovarian cancer is always deadly
When ovarian cancer is diagnosed early there is a 5 year survival rate of 95%, but only 15% will be diagnosed early

  • Blowing smoke in a child's ear will cure an ear infection
It will do nothing to cure an ear infection nor will it cause harm to the ears. It will increase the risk of developing a lung disease to the smoker.

                 My thanks to the sites listed below for this information.
        Please share your understanding and experience with myths of any type
                             in the comment section below.

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