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Monday, June 4, 2018


I am honored and pleased to introduce you to Joan Noeldechen, an inspirational and gifted poet. 

She has poetry published in June Cotner's anthologies from 1995 through 2017/. She is sharing three of her poems that I hope you will find comforting, uplifting, and moving. I know she will welcome your comments below.

                               A SELECTION OF POEMS FOR HEALING
                                  BY JOAN NOELDECHEN


My womb rose
to the surgeon’s knife.
Before being cut,
it bled one last time
as if to play one last joke.
Childbearing time is
over for me.
There has never been a man who
had found me for more
than a quick encounter.
Never did they want
babies at my breast.
I was free of proving
myself worthy and
from passing on
my mother’s insanity.
I fell asleep
in the hands
of God
wondering if
he was taking
me out for good.
He was the only
man I could trust
to love me


Reflective Pool

But not forgotten
I have my faith
To keep myself
Bound together.
I am still a woman
And whole
In spite of the cancer beast.
Silently I pray
For strength
As they cut into my
I release my life
As I fall into darkness.


You were my safe haven
until cancer took away
your drive and energy.
I couldn't care for you
any longer.
We were torn apart
before you left this earth.
I miss your shining light,
like a ball of fire
over a peaceful calm.

Joan Noeldechen is an accomplished poet; listed in Who's Who; graduate of Flagler College; and has many of her works published in June Cotner's anthologies. She is the author of several books.


Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jnoeldechen

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/joan-noeldechen=242224141

Twitter: @etowahdoma1

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